RAPID RHINO Testimonial Video

Nose bleeds, or Epistaxis events, may be intimidating to patients. This video features some of Smith & Nephew’s global customers talking about their experience with the RAPID RHINO Epistaxis products. Watch more to see what our customers think of the Smith & Nephew ENT, Rapid Rhino Epistaxis products and how they have helped in their practice by making treat nosebleeds faster, easier and making patient care more efficient and manageable.

Dr. Devlyn Corrigan

“I feel more comfortable sending patients home with close follow up when they’re using Rapid Rhino”

Dr. David Smith

“Since I’ve started using the Rapid Rhino, I never have to pack anything. It’s so easy ..”

Dr. Eric Braseth

“Rapid Rhino is very quick to use”

Dr. David Marx

“What has been a real game changer for me is the Rapid Rhino”

Dr. Kevin Goldman

“I have become very reliant on your product”