Persistent nosebleeds are one of the most common symptoms for HHT patients.1 It is estimated that about 90% of HHT patients will experience nosebleeds during their lifetime.1 The frequency of these nosebleeds can vary significantly from sporadic to multiple episodes per day. The duration and severity of these nosebleeds can also fluctuate significantly and may require repeat intervention by a medical professional who can help to alleviate the bleeding. Epistaxis product solutions that provide greater patient comfort may be important for patients that experience multiple epistaxis episodes, such as those with HHT.

Smith & Nephew RAPID RHINO epistaxis products featuring exclusive CMC technology are available in a wide range of unilateral and bilateral options for greater versatility. The addition of CMC technology enables self-lubricating properties for greater patient comfort and for unsurpassed ease of insertion and removal.2

Choose RAPID RHINO for greater patient comfort.2

RAPID RHINO Epistaxis Products Compared to Rhino Rocket® for Treating Epistaxis in the Emergency Department.2

Ease of insertion

Ease of removal

Mean pain scores (VAS)


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