Please watch the video for information about use of RAPID RHINO products. These instructions are also found in detail below.

Instructions below apply to RR 900, RR 755, RR 752, RR 751, RR 750, RR 555, RR 552, RR 551, RR 550, RR 530, and RR 450 products.

Step 1:

Remove device from envelope packaging, and blue plastic tube encasing if present. Soak in sterile water for at least a FULL 30 seconds.

Step 2:

Insert tamponade into the patient’s nostril parallel to the septal floor, or following along superior aspect of the hard palate, until the blue indicator is just past the nares (inside opening of nostril).

Step 3:

Using a 20cc syringe, slowly inflate the RAPID RHINO device with AIR only. Monitor the pilot cuff for direct tactile feedback; stop inflation when the pilot cuff becomes rounded and feels firm when squeezed.

Step 4:

Inflate the cuff to provide a gentle, low pressure tamponade delivering the CMC fabric directly to the bleed site.

Step 5:

When there is sufficient pressure in balloon(s), allow the patient to sit for 15-20 minutes prior to discharge. Swelling in the nasal anatomy will reduce and the balloon(s) may need to be inflated more to avoid movement of the device.

After assessment of the pilot cuff, tape inflation catheter(s) to the patient’s cheek for discharge.

Step 6:

The patient may come back 24-72 hours later to remove the device or they may see an ENT specialist for follow-up.