Physical Removal of Epistaxis Device:

checklistPrior to removing the RAPID RHINO tamponade, it may be advisable to administer an analgesic an hour before removal.

  1. Using gauze, wipe away any visible ooze or blood
  2. Insert a syringe into the luer valve at the anterior end of the pilot cuff to gently withdraw the air
  3. Once the pilot cuff is fully deflated the RAPID RHINO device may be removed
  4. Pull gently on the exposed, anterior portion of the device
  5. After removal, wipe away any visible ooze or blood

After removing the device, you may wish to advise your patient to avoid blowing or picking his or her nose for at least 2 or 3 days post removal. You may also wish to advise your patient what to do should they experience an additional Epistaxis event. Determine whether the patient should be placed on a vasoconstrictor and prescribe any antibiotics or nasal sprays you feel are appropriate to prevent bacterial infection or an additional epistaxis event.