Technology Overview – Why RAPID RHINO Products?

Technology Overview – Why RAPID RHINO Products? 2017-08-30T22:08:11+00:00

CMC Technology – Available exclusively in RAPID RHINO ENT Products.

Only Smith & Nephew offers the RAPID RHINO portfolio with an exclusive formulation of CarboxyMethyl Cellulose (CMC), a plant-derived material. When mixed with water, it forms a cushioning hydrocolloid gel that naturally drains from the body after several days.

Natural CMC Technology offers multiple patient care advantages, giving healthcare professionals the utmost confidence as it:

  • Helps minimize bleeding and edema during surgery – designed to minimize intra- and post-op oozing
  • Fills space and acts as a moist physical barrier between mucosal surfaces to prevent painful
    adhesions after surgery or trauma
  • Is not associated with hypersensitivity in patients

All strong reasons to make RAPID RHINO products with CMC Technology your first choice.


CMC–Part of our daily lives.

CMC is a widely used, multipurpose additive that is found in many products that consumers come into contact with on a daily basis, from food to cosmetics and lotions. It is also reassuring to know that as a food additive, CMC has a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) rating by the FDA.2


The right fit, no matter what size anatomy

  • Ultra low profile design provides unsurpassed ease of insertion and quickly conforms to nasal anatomy1
  • Provides gentle and even compression to areas of epistaxis
  • Designed to prevent adherence to tissue or blood clots upon removal
  • Unilateral and bilateral options with or without an airway
  • Fits both large and small patient anatomy


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